David Edgerley Gates lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The author of the Placido Geist bounty hunter stories, a series of noir Westerns, he is a past nominee for the Shamus, the Edgar, and the International Thriller Writers award. His short fiction appears regularly in ALFRED HITCHCOCK and ELLERY QUEEN mystery magazines, and has been widely anthologized. He recently completed THE BONE HARVEST, a sequel to his Cold War spy novel BLACK TRAFFIC, set in the early days of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and EXIT WOUNDS, a contemporary thriller about private security contractors, marketing off-the-shelf services to the spook trade. His next book is ABSOLUTE ZERO.

DEG posts alternate weeks on SleuthSayers – http://www.sleuthsayers.org/ – a mystery writers’ blogsite with a deep bench of contributors, a mix of the airy and the earnest, along with the occasional off-speed pitch. He’s a member of the Berlin Island Association, a group of former military intelligence personnel at one time assigned to West Berlin, but these days his Russian-language skills have sadly deteriorated. He appears on panels at the occasional mystery conference, and he’s served as a judge for the Tony Hillerman prize. He makes every effort to show up at local book events, in support of other authors, and the indie bookstores, like Collected Works in Santa Fe, that promote those writers. It’s all bread on the waters, and he’s learned it pays not to take yourself too seriously. Nothing kills the conversation faster.

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Here's a book question for readers and writers. John Wyndham, best known for DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS and THE MIDWICH CUCKOOS (adapted as VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED), along with OUT OF THE DEEPS, also may have written a modern Ice Age story - if memory serves, but I could be wrong, and it isn't Wyndham at all. The premise of the novel was that the Northern Hemisphere is no longer habitable, and everybody takes refuge down South. This means a lot of white Europeans become second-class citizens (or illegals) in predominantly black Africa. Does this ring any bells with any of you out there? ... See MoreSee Less

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